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1st day - Ankara
Transfer to Hote.
Accommodation: Ankara.

2nd day - Ankara - Hattusha
The Museum of Anatolian civilizations in Ankara. Drive to Hattusha, ancient site of the capital of hittites the first state of Anatolia.
Accommodation: Hattusha.

3rd day - Hattusha - Amasya
Yazilikaya open air shrine. Hitites national sanctuary in capital hattusha. Alacahöyük, the commercial center of hitttes. Drive via Corum to Amasya, the tippical town of ottoman relics.
Accommodation: Amasya.

4th day - Amasya - Tokat - Sivas
Relics of Pontos, King Graves. River Yesilirmak, typical houses of Amasya onshore, Hazeranlar Mansion. Ballica Cavern of stalactites. Archeological Museum of Tashan in Tokat.
Accommodation: Sivas.

5th day - Sivas - Malatya
Turkish islamic teological schools, Sifahiye, Cifteminare and Gök Medrese. Congress Hall of Turkish Revolution by Ataturk.
Accommodation: Malatya.

6th day - Malatya - Kahta
Aslantepe, the prehistorical and ancient hittite cite. Sunset on the summit of Mont Nemrut, collosal monuments on the tumulus terraces.
Accommodation: Kahta.

7th day - Kahta - Urfa
Autentic and cosmopolitan city of Arab, mesopotamian and kurdish cultures. City of Prophets, birth grotto of Abraham. Divine pools of immune fishes. Harran plato, Kumbet willages with terracota hive houses. Remains of Harran Islamic University.
Accommodation: Urfa.

8th day - Urfa - Mardin - Urfa
City of sorani culture of Aramea. Monasteries of aramean cristianity, Kirklar and Dar ül Zaferan Monasteries. Visit of stone made old citadel and plazas. Ulucami, mosque of islamic divinity. Return to Urfa.
Accommodation: Urfa.

9th day - Urfa - Gaziantep - Antakya
Drive via Gaziantep pistacio plantationes, Aslantepe, to Antioch. Biblical site, Grotto of St Peter; earliest church of christianity.
Accommodation: Antakya.

10th day - Antakya - Cappadocia
Great Mosaic Museum of Antioch, the Roman quarter in Asia Minor. Tunnel of Titus from Seleucia to mediteranean coast.
Accommodation: Cappadocia.

11th day - Cappadocia
Soganli destination, via villages of greek masonry, Mustafapasa town, greek orthodox church of XIX century in Cemil town. Drive to Taskinpasa town for the mosque, tombs and theological school of XIV. century. Visit of the rock cut churches and the pigeon houses in the valley in the Soganli town.
Accommodation: Cappadocia.

12th day - Cappadocia
Wandering in tufa valleys, branches of Rose Valley. Pasabag Valley of Monks. Hermitage of St Simeon on Pillar. Fantasie figures of Dervent Valley.
Accommodation: Cappadocia.

13th day - Cappadocia - Istanbul
Transfer to Kayseri Airport for the flight to Istanbul.
Accommodation: Istanbul.

14th day - Istanbul
Free Day.
Accommodation: Istanbul.

15th day - Istanbul
Transfer to Istanbul International Airport.
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