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Turkey is a unique place for watching birds considering the diversity of both migratory and non-migratory bird species. There are two major reasons for this abundance. Turkey's range of different ecosystems and it's position on bird's migratory routes.
Turkey has 7 geographical areas, each with it's own natural features, ecosystems, climate and wildlife. These include, arid steppe, deciduous and coniferous forests, mountains, coastal areas and more .So there are many opportunities for wild birds and other wildlife of all kinds.
Many birds which migrate between Europe and Africa each year, choose to fly via Turkey. Some of these, stay and breed here when many more just pass through. Therefore Spring and autumn offer opportunities to see the migrating masses. Even in the metropolis of Istanbul, migrating birds can be seen in significant numbers.
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It is possible to observe the birds live permanently in the rushes and lakes all year long apart from the time periods between the middle of March and the end of May, and from the middle of August until the end of October.

Manyas Kuscenneti, south of the Marmara sea near the town of Bandırma.
is a splendid wetland that includes marshes, swamps, fresh and saltwater lakes. Included in the species seen here is a very large colony of greater flamingos.Located south of the Erciyes mountain,
Izmir Kuscenneti, a coastal wetland, located on Gediz Delta. Despite the close by city, this wetland exhibits an enormous variety of water birds
Yumurtalik and Akyatan are also places of extreme importance for wintering waterfowl in cold winters.
Egirdir and Beysehir lakes are located to the Northwest of Taurus mountains, part of the seven lakes region, and are resting points for migratory birds.
Eregli Sazliklari (marshland) on the North of middle Taurus range, has fresh and salt water ecosystems and of course a variety of bird species.
Karamuk, Eber and Aksehir lakes are freshwater wetlands at the west part of Central Anatolia. They are the favorite localities of wintering geese.
Tuz Gölü, a saltwater lake and the second largest lake of the country, is a place to look for Greater Flamingoes, Cranes, Avocets, Geese, Gulls and other waterbirds.

Euphrates, Kızılırmak , Göksu River.

The Kackar mountains in the North East of the country
Soğuksu National park close to the capital Ankara.
Olympos National park near Antalya.
Tour Code LRT 152  Istanbu l - Bandirma - Manyas - Izmir - Kusadasi (9 Days)
1st day

Arrive Istanbul. Meet at the airport and transfer to the hotel.
Overnight in Istanbul.
 2nd day  

Visit Camlica Hill early in the morning where we will have our breakfast ( Black Stork, stork, peregrine falcon, little forest eagle,
 herring gull, black winged stilt, marsh swallow, Mediterranean gull, night heron, squacco heron, little egret, grey heron,
cormorant, pygmy cormorant, white-tailed eagle, gallinule, gold finch ).
Drive to Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. Visit The Green Tomb, Green Mosque and Silk Market.
Overnight in Bandirma.
 3rd day  

Start early in the morning for Manyas (Bird's Heaven where we can watch more than 200 bird species live in the area,
Rush nightingale, pelican, crested pelican, copper crow, rice grover ) and explore all day.
Overnight in Bandirma.
 4th day  

After breakfast visit Manyas ( Bird's Heaven ) again. Drive to Izmir via Pergamom where the first sanitarium was built in the name of Asklepios (The God of Health ) after the visit of Acropolis drive to Izmir.
Overnight in Izmir.
 5th day  
Before breakfast, we will visit Camalti Saltpan ( Camalti hosts 490 species permenantly. Plover, crested pelican, flamingo, meditterranean gull, penduline kitmouse, king fisher, marsh swallow, herring gull ) then back to the hotel for breakfast.
After a short sightseeing tour of Izmir, we will return to Camalti Saltpan again.
Overnight in Izmir.
 6th day  

Drive to Kusadasi, via Ephesus ancient city and the house of Virgin Mary. Visit The Basilica St.John and Ephesus Museum after lunch.
Overnight in Kusadasi.
 7th day  

Visit Buyuk Menderes Delta ( Cormorant, Pygmy Cormorant, Dalmatian Pelican, Squaco Heron, Little Egret, Great Egret, Grey Heron, Flamingo, Marsh Swallow, Herring Gull, Oyster Catcher )Transfer to the airport for the flight to Istanbul in the afternoon.
Overnight in Istanbul.
 8th day  

Visit Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, St. Sophia and Topkapi Palace. After lunch with a great view of Bosphorus visit The Basilica Cistern.
Overnight in Istanbul.
 9th day  

End of the tour. Transfer to Airport.
Please contact for tailor made tour itineraries.

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